1. If it's not monitorized, it's not in production.
  2. Unplanned work steals time from planned work.
  3. We're all in IT together.
  4. Operational requirements are as important as functional requirements.
  5. Ship it.
  6. Call it DevOps, NoOps or Devs & Ops. It's about people.
  7. We're all on pagerduty together.
  8. Philosophy or framework; do what works and makes business efficient.
  9. DevOps encompasses development, operations, management, admin staff, sales, cleaning, graphic designers, baristas and more.
  10. Read "The Phoenix Project", "The Goal" and "Critical Chain".
  11. Get your boss to read "The Phoenix Project", "The Goal" and "Critical Chain".
  12. Process isn't a dirty word.
  13. Integrate continuously, because anything can break.
  14. Deploy continuously, because deployment is a core process and practice makes perfect.
  15. Communicate continuously, because people are at the core of the process.
  16. Identify your bottlenecks.
  17. Automate everything... unless you're a nuclear plant.
  18. Automate everything anyway!